2012 Q3 Model Metrics Hackathon Winner, "Connected Devices"

Internet-connected Beer Keg Monitor

Teodoro "Ted" Alonso
Technical Architect
Model Metrics

BeagleBone Board

  • Embedded device
  • Angstrom Linux
  • Node.js
  • Temperature sensor
  • Express.js on Heroku
  • Custom assembled (Adafruit Sensor)
  • Connected to beer keg

The metrics are stored in an attached open source document-oriented database system, MongoDB, available as a Heroku addon. The Heroku application also serves the page which you are currently reading. Every 5 seconds, this page queries the Heroku API to get the temperature for the last 8 hours and pours per day for the last 2 weeks using MongoDB map/reduce functionality to aggregate the data.

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Current Temperature

# of Pours per day

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